Caring for Kelan
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Team Members

My mom is an administrative assistant at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. She is 35 years old and is the best mom a little boy could ever have. She met my dad in high school.  They have been married for over 12 years.  People often say she is the better half.  She loves her family and friends, music, reading, and golf.

Dad:  My new dad is a Branch Manager at Aramark.  He is 36 years old and a great dad!  It took me a little time to get used to him yelling at the Cowboys on Sunday, but I am okay with it. He loves sports, golf, and music but I am his favorite.


Grandma & Grandpa Elders: My grandma and grandpa rock, literally.  When they come over they will rock me to sleep.  I especially like this since I've been sick.  

The following are the special people in Kelan's life who have come to share their positive thoughts, precious time, valuable money, and delicious food to Kelan and his family. – No particular order

Grandma and Grandpa Elders, Aunt Bridget and the boys, Grandma M, Masinelli 13, Coke & Kellie, Lisa & Keith, Karan and Michael, Tonya, Erin, Kristin, Beth & Matt, Gina and Brett, Moss Family, Pritchett Family, Chuck Goodman, Rochelle & Darren, Rosemarie and Lindsay Heath, Aramark and their employees, Enterprise-Rent-A-Car and their employees, Well Hungarians, Caseyville VFW, Kelan's Doctors, Cardinal Glennon Hospital, Dr. Fenton, Ruth Martinez, G.C. KC Hall,   

Team Kelan Members from ENTERPRISE-RENT-A-CAR: 
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